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to get the giggles because the good times go with a couple of clowns like us couple of clowns like us ♪ baby face, you've bot the cutest little baby face ♪ >> if you're seeing us right now, your tv must be on. that's good. please keep watching. >> when it comes to infants and toddlers and tv, doctors say keep them apart. dr. timothy johnson explains. >> reporter: the american academy of pediatrics rermd that children under 2 years of age watch as little tv as possible. it's an important period in the child's develop. they say activities such as playing, listening to music, and interacting with others are far more valuable in the development of a child's brain. after reviewing studies of so-called "children's educational television" they say there is significant evidence to support the current recommendations. 90% of pirnts say their children under 2 watch some form of electronic media created just for them. positive effects are still in question, the benefits of parent-child interaction have been proven. so instead of putting children in front of the tv l
fingertips anymore. the embrace meter from diabetes care club is easier to use and nearly painless. and the best news is that diabetes care club would love to send you one of these meters. this method hurts less and because you can see and hear your results, it may be easier to understand. >> female voice: your blood glucose reading is 89. >> call now to find out why nearly a quarter of a million patients have joined diabetes care club. membership is free. so is the call. >> announcer: call diabetes care club at the number on your screen. >> talk to diabetes care club. you'll be glad you did. ♪ spider-man spider-man does whatever a spider can ♪ ♪ spins a web any size ♪ ♪ catches thieves just like flies ♪ >>> they are rock the music today, i am so impressed. this may not be the story you're thinking, though. this is kind of crazy. the city of wilmington, north carolina, could really use the help of their friendly neighborhood spider-man right about now. >> that's right. because a thief dressed as one of his archenemies. venom has robbed four stores in just the
was found clinging to her mother and grandmother. the rescuer who pulled her out, told us he felt like he was holding his own child. >> translator: to bring life back into this world is the highest satisfaction, he said. azra was rushed to the hospital. the rescuers went back to work in search of her relatives still trapped inside that heap of concrete. then, within an hour, azra's mother and grandmother have been confirmed alive. the digging has stopped. there is an ambulance waiting. and it looks like they are about to pull someone out. >> a stretcher appeared. azra's mother. 20 minutes later, the grandmother. >> translator: i never lost faith, azra's uncle toad us. you always believe god will help. rescue crews kept digging. still in there, azra's father. and around 15 others. then, silence. a pause. as everyone strained to hear any signs of life. nearby, as dusk fell, family and friends of those still inside huddled around a fire. blank faces, eyes swollen from crying. a reminder that those three rescues were miracles in this place of so much heartbreak. alex maquardt. >> three genera
. >> they are used in some religious rites, illegally, but they are used. and -- we believe that contributing to the spread, the movement of the snails from one place to another. >> what a good looking creature. >> these things are illegal to bring in without a permit. officials say no permits issued. >> they eat 500 different types of plants can cause structural damage, and worse yet can carry a parasite that can lead to meningitis. really unhealthy. >> stay away. good luck down there in florida. >> all. in other news, hurricane ophelia whipping up to 80 mile an hour winds, hitting newfoundland dumping rain on the canadian coast. it is losing strength as tropical storm felipe causes no risk to coastline. >> with that a look at your monday forecast. showers out west from seattle to reading, california. also thunderstorms in the rockies. warm in the middle of the country. climbing to the 80s. twin cities, dallas, cooling down though with scattered afternoon showers from d.c. to portland, maine. >>> 67, boston. 73, atlanta. 86, miami. 65, detroit. 70, chicago. 80s in fargo, billings. 62, seattl
last one, yunji de nies. >> this one will lead us to this week's polka. >> don't want to miss this. barry mitchell met up with weird al to talk polka and life on the road. >> we're the paramount theater. huntington, long island, new york. weird al yankovic coming through on the alpocalypse tour. how do you like that? an accordion player who sings funny songs. i'll wait for him by the stage door. i will teach him, teach him, the "world news now" polka. that's what i mean. the polka. ♪ everybody dance ♪ have some fun ♪ be a pal >> i'll have some fun. be a pal. >> do like barry. >> and like al. >> do the "world news now" polka. >> one accordionist, do you have problems with chafing? >> i do. i do. i had to actually shave off part of my chest so it wouldn't interfere with the accordion. >> i use baby powder. >> i use kevlar. ♪ ♪ >> the parody rock stars, you really live the rock star life. >> so true. no kidding. >> we have trucks. we have buses. sound checks. deli tray backstage with cheese cut into triangular shapes. everything a rock star needs. >> it's got to be tough on
, honking nose you are going to get the giggles because the good times go with a couple of clowns like us couple of clowns like us ♪ ♪ baby face you've got the cutest little baby face ♪ >> now if you are awake and seeing us right now your tv must be on. please, keep watching. get your friend to watch. tell everybody. >> get the ratings up. keep in mind when it comes toto apart. dr. timothy johnson explains why. >> reporter: american academy of pediatrics currently recommends children under 2 years of age watch as little tv as possible. an important period in a child's development. the aap says activities such as playing, listening to music and interacting with others are far more valuable in the development of a child's brain. after reviewing studies of so-called children's educational television, the academy says there is sufficient evidence to support its current recommendations. it found that 90% of parents say their children younger than 2 watch some form of electronic media created specifically for them. but the aap states that while positive effects of the programs on infa
crisis in greece. >>> well when was the last time that you used a dollar coin instead of a dollar bill? probably not very often luke most of us. but now the government wants to change all of that in an effort to save some cold hard cash. here is abc's correspondent. >> reporter: dollar bills we use them. but the paper dollars are wasting our money. >> we could save a lot of money if we want to a coin dollar. >> the problem. paper dollars wear out quickly. each and every bill needs to be replaced every 36 months or so. 7 cents per bill it adds up. a recent government report says eliminating the dollar bill and replacing it with the more durable dollar coin could save $5.6 billion over the next 30 years. in fact, government is already making 2 million dollar coins every day as we found on a trip to the mint in philadelphia. right now nobody seems to use them. here at the federal reserve in baltimore, you see the coins packed in plastic bags, stacked on top of each other. aisle after aisle. millions and millions of dollars and dollar coins. just sitting there. we consumers are the problem
peninsula. could hit the resort of cancun in the next few days. but does not pose a threat to the u.s. >>> now to a spectacular treat for stargazers from arkansas, new york and beyond. northern lights on full display, sending streaks across the sky. astronomy show occurs when energy interacts with earth's magnetic feed. in this case, the particles emitted from the sun saturday took a full two days to hit the earth's atmosphere. >> beautiful. love to see that love. of course we are in here, staying up with you staying up with you. >> a stormy day in the rockies with the first real snowfall of the season. denver went from 80 to 30 and snow. god bless you folks in denver. a foot of snow in the city. two feet in the mountains. foggy, l.a. to san francisco. chilly rain from fargo off to the windy city. >> wet 54, twin cities. 72,omaha. 80, kansas city. 60s in the north east. 83, miami. 56, seattle. 65 in colorado springs. >>> well it is broadway week on "dancing with the stars," and last night ricky lake and derek hough earning 23 point. from "luck be a lady" from "guys and dolls." j.r. ma
with that because the public will now get a chance to hear his side of the story. he is charged with using campaign funds to conceal an extramarital affair. >>> the defense in the conrad murray trial is calling its final wps back to the stand today. a top expert on propofol. yesterday, another doctor who specializes in addiction told the court he believes michael jackson was dependent on the painkiller demerol. he said jackson was getting the drug from his dermatologist. things got so heated during cross-examination the prosecutor had to ask the judge to intervene. >> is there a reason why it is so difficult for you to answer my questions and so easy for you to answer. >> ask a specific question and i will give you a specific answer. >> the revelation that jackson got botox and drugs to smooth wrinkles. >>> relatives of a woman found hanged in a san diego area mansion insists she did not kill her self. they ordered her body exhumed for a second autopsy as early as today. as cecelia vega tells us even dr. phil is on this bizarre case. >> reporter: the family, they want to exhume her body from this c
tells us even dr. phil is on this bizarre case. >> reporter: the family, they want to exhume her body from this cemetery two months after investigators ruled her bizarre death at this california mansion a suicide. but her family still does not believe it is a closed case. and say they are turning to tv talk show host dr. phil mcgraw for help. the girlfriend of wealthy pharmaceutical executive jonah shackni, her lifeless body found naked hanging from a balcony. hand bound, feet tied, mouth gagged. police say that she killed herself feeling responsible for the death of the man's 6-year-old son who fell down the stairs while she was baby sitting. but to her family it never added up. her sister spoke to abc's elizabeth vargas last month. you mean to tell me somebody who is doing really well 32 years of her life, in a matter of two hours, is going to decide to do all this elaborate plan. >> reporter: now a new twist. her family wants her body re-examined for signs of foul play and they plan to announce the results on the dr. phil show. in a statement, dr. phil and his team said, we endorse
't need to stab your fingertips anymore. the embrace meter from diabetes care club is easier to use and nearly painless. and the best news is that diabetes care club would love to send you one of these meters. this method hurts less and because you can see and hear your results, it may be easier to understand. >> female voice: your blood glucose reading is 89. >> call now to find out why nearly a quarter of a million patients have joined diabetes care club. membership is free. so is the call. >> announcer: call diabetes care club at the number on your screen. >> talk to diabetes care club. you'll be glad you did. >>> weird al you are on your apocalypse tour and on "world news now." how about playing a little accordian? >> is this little enough for you? >> perfect. watch weird al do the world news polka thursday morning on abc. >> weird al and barry mitchell. that will be fun. >> our face book picture of the day, what makes you smile, a couple wrote in, the polka. >> proud tradition on the show. >> the hunt is on in plainsville, massachusetts area looking for a burglar. >> interestin
, where, and how your fish was caught. >> that was kelly tuthill from boston. interestingly, a lot of us ordered seared tuna, staple on a salad. among 23 tuna samples tested researchers found it was escolare, a fish with unpleasant side effects. >> very oily fish, nicknamed exlax fish and i will let you at home guess why it is called that. >> all right. things keep getting worse for netflix, number of people dumping the service is larger than the company originally thought. what's worse even more defections are expected. the downhill slide started in july when netflix announced an unpopular rate increase. the stock price once over $300 a sharev trading. >> exlax fish. mm. hurricane rina picking up steam this morning. a mile an hour+ s winds expected strengthen to a hurricane as it heads to the mexican yucatan peninsula. could hit the resort of cancun in the next few days. but does not pose a threat to the u.s. >>> now to a spectacular treat for stargazers from arkansas, new york and beyond. northern lights on full display, sending streaks across the sky. astronomy show occurs when energy
.j. winick reports. >> her name conjures up the image of a domestic goddess. >> for ease of use. for comfort, they're a good thing. >> reporter: america's hostess with the mostest. >> this will be a hit in your home and mine. >> reporter: in reality, martha stewart was anything but the perfect homemaker. this according to a soon to be released book co-authored by her daughter and only child alexis. and she claims the family fridge growing up was practically empty. "there was never anything to eat at my house. other people had food, i had no food. there were ingredients, but no prepared food of any kind." and the same martha stewart who can show you how to make holidays festive and fun. >> wouldn't you look to have a centerpiece on your thanksgiving table? >> could have apparently cared less about her family's merriment. "she used to make me wrap my own presents," alexis writes, "she would hand me things, say wrap these, don't look inside. as for halloween there were no costumes there was no anything. we turned off all the lights and pretended we weren't home." journalist erica souter has cov
girl i use tide sport because it helps get odors out of athletic clothes. i mean, i wear my yoga pants for everything. hiking, biking, pilates... [ woman ] brooke... okay. i wear yoga pants because i am too lazy for real pants. that's my tide. what's yours? ♪ i am beau ♪ i am beautiful no matter they say ♪ ♪ words can't bring me down >>> christina aguilera. >> set the stage. >> favorite story of the day. across the country, schools are celebrating homecoming picking a king and queen. >> when the final votes at a mississippi high school were counted it made the dreams come true of a student suffering with down syndrome. wapt's meg pace reports. >> you look gorgeous. are you excited? so am i. >> reporter: senior year a special one for high school students. for 19-year-old kaitlin simpson turning out to be one she never dreamed possible. >> smile big. >> reporter: kaitlin has down syndrome. that didn't stop one of her long time friends from nominating her for the high school owner of senior homecoming maid. >> approved it through the principal and had to get a petition. >> o
young children even babies are using today's digital gadgets, like ipads and smartphones. >> a study says their exposure is higher than we ever imagined. but is that a good thing? >> reporter: this is a 1-year-old at ease with an ipad, her hand moving the screen. what about when given an old-fashioned magazine. point, swipe, that doesn't work. she has no idea what to do with it. she is not alone. in fact, more than half of 5 to 8-year-olds have used devices like smart phones or ipads. 40% of 2 to 4-year-olds. even infants are using apps, 10% of babies under age 1 have had some screen time. >> this is the reality for this generation. the genie is out of the bottle. >> reporter: this generation of children is starting young, turning on computers for the first time at an average age of 3 1/2. just like hannah. nearly 4 years old, who showed us her favorite ipad apps and favorite game angry birds. >> i made him go so far. >> reporter: while experts say allowing kids to sit and stare at a screen is not healthy. interactivity, especially when parents are engaged, could be helpful to develo
it is still a struggle to get some parents to use a booster seat. the study found there is a clear distinction between the good ones and bad ones. most parents know, don't do this. but not enough do this. put their 4 to #-year-olds in a booster seat. studies have shown these child seats cut the risk of injury in a crash by 45%. >> the main job of a booster is to elevate a child to help position the lap and shoulder belt so they're providing the best protection in a crash. >> reporter: but not all seats are created equal. some offer a better boost than others. according to a new stud gee more than half still aren't good enough. the lap belt should go across the child's upper thigh. not the abdomen. the shoulder strap should fit snugly across the middle of the shoulder not arm or neck. so how can parents know which ones are best? the insurance institute looked at more than 80 booster seats and rated 31 models as best bets and will work well in any vehicle, suv, minivan or car. six booster seats were not recommended. because they failed to properly use the lap or shoulder belt. parents don't have
for people conrad murray called the day jackson died. >>> sobering news this morning as the u.s. kills militant leaders overseas. a terror threat emerging in pakistan, from a brutal group that specializes in extortion, kidnapping, and murder and has ties to pakistan's spy agency. the latest on this from abc. >> reporter: deep in the pakistani tribal areas there is one law. the gun. this small area is controlled not by the pakistani government, but by militants, a network of at least 5,000 called the hakkanis. the hakkanis used bombs, crimes, murder to become the region's most powerful terrorists. for two years, they have held u.s. soldier bo burkedahl, they ambush u.s. troops along the border and most audacious attack, they fired rockets into the u.s. military headquarters and the u.s. embassy in kabul. >> you have mortar fire! >> reporter: all the while supported by the very organizations that get billions of dollars of u.s. aid, pakistan's military and intelligence agency. >> the hakkani network for one acts as a veritable arm of pakistan's internal services intelligence agency. with
york's financial district near wall street. police were swinging batons, using pepper spray, when a group of protestors tried to break through a barricade. demonstrations were also held in other cities around the country. protestors are getting some criticism now from republican presidential candidates. >> don't blame wall street, don't blame the big banks. if you don't have a job and you are not rich, blame yourself. >> strong words. also on top of that, mitt romney reportedly called the protest "class warfare." saturday marks three weeks since protests began in new york. >> they show no sign of letting up. the word is getting a glip ps of what was going through michael jackson's mind weeks before his dechlt the full recording of a conversation he had with dr. conrad murray was played in court. jackson is heard rambling abut not having a childhood and tells murray he wants to use proceeds from the this is it tour to build a children's hospital big enough to help a million kids. >> we heard testimony about the sheer all. drugs they found in the house. seven to ten different kinds
in cairo went up in flames. the uprising got so bad, egyptian security forces had to use tear gas at one point to control the mobs. riots spread across city until a curfew was enforced late last night. the worst violence since february's uprising which led to the fall of former president hosni mubarak. >>> libya's revolutionary forces say they're end nearing the end of the battle and declare victory in gadhafi's hometown. the city of sirte one of the last holdouts for gadhafi loyalist. transitional government forces seized the convention center which had been severing as a key base for pro-gadhafi fighters. >>> to politics now and the new controversy around the republican race for president. front-runner mitt romney's religious beliefs are being questioned after a minister accused him of not being a true christian. with more here is abc's david kerley. >> reporter: mitt romney walked into the room knowing he had been called a nonchristian, a member of a cult. >> poisonous language doesn't advance our cause. let no agenda narrow our vision or drive us apart. >> reporter: the question of r
while she was with us. we'll be back with more "world news now" after this. we'll be back with more "world news now" after this. nurse...! [ female announcer ] dawn power clean can give you the power of an overnight soak in just 5 minutes. [ sponge ] it's a scientific miracle! [ female announcer ] dawn does more. [ sponge ] so it's not a chore. ♪ come fly with me let's fly let's fly away ♪ ♪ come fly with me let's fly let's fly away ♪ >> who doesn't love a little frank? flying can be a pain even on routine trips, long delays no leg room, snakes on a plane, little bags of peanuts. we've all been there. >> we've all been there, snakes on a plane? snakes on a plane? >> we and samuel l., man, man. >> wow, a texas woman was so unhappy with her flight she is suing the airlines. abc's andrea canning shows us what happened. >> reporter: it can be a terrifying experience. your plane starts shaking in midair, drinks teeter, the aircraft suddenly plummets. colleen o'neill sitting alongside her attorney remembers the day in 2009 when her continental connection from college station to ho
the home of one of his parishioners. as wkrn's joseph pleasant shows us, yep, all this was caught on tape. >> reporter: it may look like ricky reed is stopping by to check on one of his church members in this tape from july. but police say his intentions are far more shocking and sinister. the member is at church and reed according to police, is trying to break into her home. police say the is not the first time. >> there were at least two other occasions she noticed some medications had gone missing from her home. and she were for painkillers. >> reporter: police say the woman noticed medication was missing at least twice before. she checked with family and friends who had access to her home but none of them was the culprit. so, she set up a camera. to her surprise the person trying to jimmy her door open is her pastor, ricky reid. supposed to be at church with her. >> it is very unfortunate, a pastor is someone members of the congregation go to for spiritual guidance, other things personal in their lives. >> reporter: reed is charged with aggravated burglary. they're confident reed has
this morning for millions of us who rely on cell phones. danish researchers say they found no link between cell phone use and brain tumors or cancers. the study was the largest ever of its kind following around 350,000 people over an 18-year period. researchers compared people who used cell phones to whothose wh don't before reaching the conclusion. they did not study how much time users spend on their phone. >>> people in two states are recovering from big jolts. two earthquakes hit the san francisco area yesterday. biggest was 4.0. centered in berkeley. followed then by a slightly weaker quake a few hours later. a rare record breaking 4.8 quake rattled the rural texas town, and that quake was felt 50 miles away in san antonio. no injuries or major damage reported in either quake. >> good news there. >> yeah. a look at your weather. a wet day, pacific northwest. rain, seattle portland. showers, pittsburgh, buffalo, syracuse. wind diminish in the southeast. sunny, dry, in the west, 100. >> 62 in atlanta. 75 in new or leans. 50s from fargo to detroit. phoenix, 92. sacramento, 78. 60s, in billing
after this. ♪ come on baby and rescue me f us want to hear we've done a good job caring for our mouths. that's why there's a rinse like crest pro-health multi-protection. it helps you get a better dental check-up. so be ready for your next dental check-up. try any crest pro-health rinse. >>> okay, conspiracy theorists start your engines. nothing like a sci-fi sound track to get us in the mood for the next story. some strange doings in the skies over the heartlands. >> uh-huh, no one seems to know though what it was that streaked across the sky over nebraska. but as andrew osaki of ketv reports, there are of course plenty of theories. >> reporter: while most people were fast asleep, cameras at the lincoln municipal airport didn't blink, catching a flash across the northwest skid, 3:24, wednesday morning, shortly after, phone lines lit up at the lancaster sheriff's office. >> the caller thought it might be a meteorite. we got a couple different calls on the object. >> reporter: deputies rushed out to where callers thought it may have landed. about six miles from lincoln. >> we were unabl
, looked at each other. saw the deer coming at us. >> we were both really startled. we look up, look at each other and see the deer charging at us. >> reporter: the deer apparently not looking for smartphone technology instead jumps the counter. >> knocks the monitor over. ran in the back room. we were like, i guess we should leave. we called 911. >> reporter: the surveillance still catches the confused beast checking out the back room. in the washroom he confronts a porcelain sing. the sink loses. sharp deer hooves can do serious damage. the cell phone video shows one of several police officers who persuaded the deer to leave the way he came, an open front door. passed an amazed woman who ducked behind a parked car. >> it went so fast, the antlers on it were so, not that they were big this way, but in diameter, they looked really strong. so, we definitely felt better being between two cars. >> reporter: except the crushed sink the deer did little damage turning over a box or two. patel place aid sign saying the store would be closed for the remainder of the evening. taking a bit of
was grossly negligent in six ways that killed michael jackson. first using propofol as a sleeping aid. using the dangerous anesthetic at home with no backup emergency personnel. no backup medical equipment. having no medical records. an most critically not calling 911 immediately which could have saved jackson's life. >> he was definitely saveable at that point. >> so in essence, had dr. murray called 911 at 12:00, michael jackson would still be here today? >> yes, sir. >> there is just no doubt in your mind? >> reporter: prosecutors s they're down to their last two witnesses and could wrap up their case as early as today. jim avila, abc news, los angeles. >> devastating testimony there today. >> y it michael could have administered it himself. letting go of the idea that he swallowed the propofol. the case is unraveling a lit bit. >> they're hanging on what it is worth. >>> moving on we are learn morgue about the private gator hired to help find the missing 10-month-old lisa irwin, his name is bill stanton. kansas constituenty police say they will not access to their case files. stanton is
. the embrace meter from diabetes care club is easier to use and nearly painless. and the best news is that diabetes care club would love to send you one of these meters. this method hurts less and because you can see and hear your results, it may be easier to understand. >> female voice: your blood glucose reading is 89. >> call now to find out why nearly a quarter of a million patients have joined diabetes care club. membership is free. so is the call. >> announcer: call diabetes care club at the number on your screen. >> talk to diabetes care club. you'll be glad you did. >>> it has been a very scary >>> it has been a very scary week for disney star selena gomez as she faced serious death threats. >> a judge granted a temporary restraining order against the suspect. and i found out he actually had a criminal past. ♪ >> she's the disney teen queen with a hit show, chart topping singles and a romance with justin bieber. now selena gomez says she is living in extreme fear after receiving a death threat so serious los angeles police are involved. a man with a history of mental illn
from the shock, residents began frantic rescue efforts. those who couldn't find shovels used their bare hands trying to reach survivors. eyewitnesses said screams for help were coming from beneath the piles of wreckage. this woman was rescued -- the pain seared on her face. anguished survivors could only comfort one another as they waited helplessly for word of family and friends. there was a lot of shaking said this man, i have relatives here, i am waiting for them. i pray to god they will come out alive and well. this man said, "we went to all the hospitals but haven't been able to find our friend." frequent aftershocks disrupted rescue efforts. turkey is one of the world's most active seismic zones. officials say casualty figures will climb. hundreds are hospitalized. medical supplies are urgently needed. by nightfall, power saws were brought in to cut through the debris. as darkness added new difficulty to the rescue efforts. abc news. >> the scene so reminiscent of haiti, what we saw in japan earlier this year. it is staggering. >> absolutely. as the stories unfolded throughout the
other. push ourselves. push our team. to win these races and championships. it is what drives us forward. it's what we love. then you see that happening to dan. you go, you know what? it doesn't matter. >> for him, motor racing was his life but also was his family. because he drove part time this year, won the indianapolis 500, did a couple races late this season. he spent immense time with his family. actually been a season he has cherished. as drivers we are on the road doing promotion, testing. for dan this was a season he loved he got to spend a lot of time with his new family. >> we get into these cars and know we risk our lives, a test or race. this track is very fast here at las vegas motor speedway. a mile and a half track. much like other ones we have driven. and the speeds are high. you go the length of a football field in less than a second. unfortunately when things happen in front of you and you don't have, reaction time, bad things can happen. the sport is getting safer, but with the car going up into the catch fence, unfortunately, that was something that, i don't think th
. this as most americans struggle. the u.s. unemployment rate frozen at 9.1%. perhaps that's why 37% of americans according to a recent poll support the protesters. when you are covering the rallies protestors tell you they want bank reform and tax reform. but press them on how to get that done and their answers are considerably more vague. one thing is clear -- they're not going away any time soon. t.j. winick, abc news, new york. >>> the who's who of silicone valley turned out in droves last night to pay their respects to apple founder steve jobs. stanford university hosted an ultra private memorial service. security was tight. google ceo larry page and media mogul rupert murdoch among vips seen arriving at the campus chapel. jobs died 12 days ago of cancer. a company memorial scheduled for wednesday. >>> thousands of people were in washington, d.c. to dedicated the martin luther king jr. memorial. it is a towering granite memorial on the national mall. president obama addressed the crowd saying "as tough as times may be, i know we will overcome. king's children and several civil rights leaders
of us got into the elevator. the elevators are not huge. very small. >> reporter: then the elevator suddenly shockingly begin to plunge. with the poor open, everyone could see the floors just flying by. >> what's more fear inducing to me an elevator in free fall. you know you are going to fall. don't know when it is going to stop. >> reporter: it came to a hard stop. the elevator ground to a halt thanks to the brakes. grupt was left waiting for help. >> we are like waiting for a long time. people are getting angry that they're not saying anything to us. >> reporter: grammercy park hotel manager released a statement saying although an incredibly unusual incident moving forward we will have staff assist from the flow of departures from high volume events to ease any potential crowding. elevators are behind many people's most nagging fears, fear of a sudden drop or getting stuck. experts say the fears are irrational. >> they're safer than riding in an airplane, driving a car or being una bus. >> reporter: tell that to seth. >> my biggest fear was that i was going to die with people mor
that made it awfully easy for the rest of us to contemplate everything she has been through. isn't that what we wanted, back on that brutal day when a crazyman fired a gun at her head almost within hours reports were circulating that up in the hospital room she was communicating pulling through, easy to say, but in fact, they had to put her into a coma to keep her alive. it was three days before she could breathe on her own. indeed it would be seven months before we would see her again. a brief drop-in for an important vote in congress where it was clear, not just how much work she put to be able to do this but how much she had had to put in. but in a still image it was there again in the moment where she embraced her husband after first pinning a medal on his chest with her left hand now the better one. the smile that makes it easier for the rest of us to contemplate everything she has been through so far, just to get back here. john donvan, abc news, washington. >> what an incredible recovery. >> amazing recovery to me. amazing love story on top of everything else. the two, you can tell, v
their father's business. and worse than that he believes his father used his brother's legitimate investment business as a shield for his ponzi scheme. >> what he did to me, to my brother, to my family is unforgivable. what he did to thousands of other people, destroyed their lives, i'll never understand it. i will never forgive him for it or speak to him. >> in that interview, the one-time ruth madoff loses her composure when she looks at a photograph with her and her two sons when they were small, mentioning the family's happier times. >> unbelievable story. >>> we're getting an extraordinary glimpse into the final hours of steve job's life. it comes from the moving eulogy his sister read at the memorial and sharing it with "the new york times." she says at the ends jobs seemed to be climbing a pretty steep path. looked at his family one by one. looked into the distance and said, oh, wow, oh, wow, oh, wow. those ended up being steve's final words. >>> wow. prosecutors will get a chance to catch up this morning when the manslaughter trial of michael jackson's doctor resumes. they asked for
exposure? first, limit the number of minutes you and your children talk on the cell phone. second, use a hands-free device. and third, text instead of talking. subpoena men keep their cell phones in their pockets. these government mannequin tests don't look at how radiation affects other parts of the body. >> wow. >> thanks, karen. that is pretty scary if you think about how often you use your cell phone. she has a good point about having the cell phone on other parts of your body. you put it in your pocket. >> most of us do. >> who knows what we're actually getting. >> maybe talking to did you with it an inch away, use the speakerphone or the headset. again, no direct link just yet if this really does cause cancer or not. enough to be alarmed or at least curious. >>> now on to a bizarre story in suburban detroit. a man is in trouble after police say he used his 9-year-old daughter as his designated driver. surveillance video appears to show the little girl getting behind the wheel while her dad pumps gas. earlier the father was heard telling thee store clerk his daughter was driving b
will get to the stand and use their instrument to tell the truth. let's hope they do that. >> serious actress, rob. >> very, very. >> in other news, to a just released abc news poll that shows americans may have more confidence in the president's employment proposal, 49% trust the president when it comes to creating jobs. 9% gain. 34% trust congressional republicans. just 35% approve of the way president obama is handling unemployment. and 35% approve of the way he is handling the economy. that is an all-time low. >>> we now know that president obama will not face new jersey governor chris christie in next year's election. chris christie has dashed the hopes of many by now officially saying he will not run, at least not next year. here is abc's scott goldberg. >> reporter: new jersey governor chris christie admit heed has been flirting with the presidential bid been the the end he decided to stay in a committed relationship. >> now is not my time. i have a commitment to new jersey that i simply will not abandon. >> reporter: the first term governor had bluntly denied any interest in r
accusing state tv of fanning sectarian flames, multiple reports of security forces of using live ammunition and even running over protestors. >>> a boating trip off the florida keys turned tragic over the weekend. an 80-year-old woman drowned and seven others rescued off the shores of marathon key. they treaded water for 20 hours after their boat overturned. a 4-year-old among the survivors. nobody on board wore a life jacket. >> 20 hours, unbelievable. in kansas city the desperate search for a 10-month-old, lisa irwin, about to enter its second week. police don't have any solid lead. investigators say the baby's parents began answering questions again two days after they stopped cooperating aledgedly lisa's aunt spent the day at nas ccar race handing ou fliers the detectives trying to re-enact how the child may have been snatched out of her crib. >>> it took a crew of nine men several hours to remove a moose that crashed into a new hampshire backyard and splashed into the pool. adam harding of manchester's wmur was there. >> reporter: an incredible scene caught on camera, a moos
. but she still has a long way to go. >> a new report out overnight is highly critical of u.s. efforts to train police in iraq. inspector general warned that the training program could become a quote bottomless pit of american money. the report comes at a crucial time as the president obama has just announced the end of u.s. involvement in that country. it did not take long for the republican presidential candidates to blast the president's decision. with more on this here is abc's david kerley. >> reporter: it took just a couple hours after president obama announced the remaining 39,000 u.s. troops would leave iraq by the end of the year for his republican opponents to go on the attack. rick perry before going bird hunting. >> you don't tell the enemy what your timetable is going to be. this administration has telegraphed its intentions all too often and that's just unacceptable. >> reporter: none of the candidates noted the president was abiding by an agreement signed by president bush and an effort to keep 5,000 soldiers there fell apart because of iraqi demands. >> they either fail
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